The Most Important Question – Kyle Mercer

The Most Important Question (actually do this)


Sometimes on a coaching call I ask the most important question…

If this call were a watershed event, if your life changed and was never the same as a result of this call, what would you want to occur in your life?

Go big.  Really imagine that your life could change in some fundamental way. What would you want most? One wish (you can’t wish for more wishes), what would it be?

Is it a wish about who you are in the world or what you would have?

If it is a material wish you might have to go a level deeper and ask “who would you have to be to have this in your life?”

Now that you know what you want… What if it is possible?

Do the exercise and refine your want down to one sentence.

I would love to hear what you want, send me your sentence.  Simply acknowledging and sharing your want could be the beginning of creating it.


Author: Dr. Ronald Bissell

Author, writer, speaker and retired surgeon I am a teacher of the changes that living a spiritual life can create. My interests include Astronomy, History, Creativity with Multimedia presentations and experiencing Life. My passion is to help others to create change in their lives through knowledge of personal and spiritual life principals.