It is autumn. The leaves are changing their colors here in New England showing their beauty to all who see. Imagine the coolness of an audit morning with a gentle mist of fog and frost upon the grass and shrubs. Imagine the sun rising in the East with its warming rays touching the earth with an awakening that only your senses can understand. Imagine the golden rays filtering through trees a landing on your lap gently, quietly, with a kinder and more beautiful touch. Imagine the sounds of birds chirping and singing their autumn songs. Imagine the calmness that such scenes complain your life. Imagine.

Imagine your life going forth from this moment of awakening into the world around you with a song of beauty pressing gently upon the wind of your consciousness. Imagine becoming the essence of this gentle breeze as you encounter others who come across your path. Imagine your day is a new opportunity to bring the essence of you are to the consciousness of the world that is waiting patiently for you to speak.

Imagine the ability you are given to begin each day with the thought of wonder. Imagine looking upon your world with all and seeing beyond the physical limitations of perception. Imagine allowing your inner soul to expand, to fill each crevice of your world would love, and somehow read the purity of your heart and each moment you are given. Imagine how such a beginning can change and perfect your world.

Imagination is not only for the lucky few or the talented.

Imagination is a gift of the Spirit that is given to each of us to use as we walk our path in life. It is the ability to begin our life anew each and every day. It is the fresh breeze that blows across their past and clears the debris from our senses. It is the source of wonder as we travel and create our experience called life.

This morning I’m sitting quietly with the most beautiful scene. I feel the sun rises it filters through my sunroom windows and caresses my being. I see the wonder and beauty it brings because I can imagine my world becoming a world of peace, world in tune with the creation, a world full of expectation.

Your world can be a world at peace. It can be a world that allows you to feel the creators presence. It could be a place of beauty amid the pain and sorrow you perceive around you. You can begin your life anew each morning and see wonder in us, that is the essence of who you are. You can do these things when you imagine their presence in your life.

Surround the word imagination with a halo of light and allow it to become a part of your life. Uses many aspects to paint your world is an artist would approach an empty campus. Stretcher cam essentially covers your mind completely in order to begin a new painting, a new life. Explode the imagination of your soul onto this blank beginning and create a picture that you can see vividly. Impress its essence into your world and noticed the changes you’ll make.

It is the imagination of your soul that creates the essence of who you are. Imagine a solid greatness. Imagine a soul of wonder. Imagine your soul expanding in an ever widening circle of influence that is infinite in size, shape, and texture. Imagine this and more because your soul is capable of such wonder. It is capable of all and complete inner peace. Imagine this because you are the essence of your Creators love and can in turn become the creator of your own world. This is the gift of imagination. This is the gift of your Creators love. Use it to change your world.


Author: Dr. Ronald Bissell

Author, writer, speaker and retired surgeon I am a teacher of the changes that living a spiritual life can create. My interests include Astronomy, History, Creativity with Multimedia presentations and experiencing Life. My passion is to help others to create change in their lives through knowledge of personal and spiritual life principals.