Re-connecting with Spirit

Re-connecting with Spirit

One of the important parts of my clinical practice is what I call my evening ritual. Each evening I call patients who underwent surgery that day to see how they are doing and to offer any help or answer any questions they may have. One night I called a patient and received the following greeting from her mother. “Bad day,” she said as she answered the phone. Can you imagine such a response? I wondered what had happened to her that day. She was alive but didn’t see beyond whatever had caused her emotional pain. Another patient looked out the window of my examination room turned to me and said, “I hate the sun shining in my eyes.” In stating this, he also missed the beauty of a rock garden covered with flowers, colorful bushes, and trees. He missed the songs of birds, squirrels and chipmunks. He failed to see beyond the inconvenience of the sun shining in his eyes. How many people do you know who live their lives from such perspectives? How many fail to see the blessing and the joy that life affords? How many fail to understand there is more to life than what they see? How many create illness and sorrow by failing to see life presents us a mask – a mask we must penetrate to understand fully and appreciate the gifts life gives to us.

It has taken me years to begin to understand how different other people view life. I studied western medicine and eastern thought. I have worked to understand the physical laws of disease and the spiritual laws of healing. It is from this experience I draw knowledge and perception. It is from this viewpoint that I see a force behind each movement we make, a force greater than any human desire, a force that breathes life into each cell of our bodies, a force that causes our wounds to heal. You see, each time I perform surgery or watch a patient heal, I am reminded a miracle has transpired – a miracle beyond our physical perception. So many doctors feel they have enacted the miracle. They see only the physical results of their work. They fail to see the true world that lies beyond their limited human sight. They gaze upon the physical and never see beyond it into a realm of utmost wonder.

At one time in my life, I also looked at the physical mask. It’s a translucent veil between a world limited by our five senses and a world of unlimited energy and potential. I looked with inadequate human eyes and failed to see the limitation such sight allowed. I failed to see how it covered the boundary between one dimension and the next. I wasn’t able to see the full spectrum of the universe – for human eyes only see remnants of this universe because they become blind by the sights and temptations presented by the physical realm. You see, the physical realm has limitless attractions. People become pulled in one direction and then the next. They flounder in a prefabricated stupor – for that is the realm they see.

Is it possible to see beyond this mask – this veil? Can we live our lives from a new and different perspective? For years I sought to discover the answers to these questions. What I found filled my life with wonder and changed its meaning and direction. I became a new person energized with new tools with which I could live my life and inspire the world of others. My new world was fed by what I saw beyond the physical mask, and this new world became the focal point of my life.

I have always been an introspective individual. I spend many moments in quiet contemplation. During this time, I can see between two realms. One realm that is physical; the other is beyond the mask. As I matured that quiet remained within me – deep within. I was able to identify the physical mask and pass through it to search the realm beyond. I frequently crossed, for in this place I was peaceful and content. Within it I found information that became the director of my life. Others saw me as philosophical. I found this unconventional perspective provided me a source of strength; a source from which I could obtain rest and solace.

I entered professional school and proceeded directly into internship and residency. I seemed to be on a path a direction that I could not understand at the time. My training involved all the proper methods of the treatment of disease, and I became an accomplished Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon. I received all the accolades and specialty degrees this world provided. I was truly successful in the eyes of all I met. Within, however, in that place of quiet, there was always a rumbling; a yearning to connect with another plane – another realm. When the stresses of everyday practice became overpowering, I passed through the mask and returned to the inner world of quiet for rest, the discharge of any accumulated stress and the renewal of my strength. I could face another day with renewed energy.

What interested me the most were words that came to me during these times of quiet. Each one carried with it packets of strength – moments of bliss – reflections of eternity. I listened to each one and became enthralled with the extent and content of their love. I listened, and the Spirit spoke:

Begin to understand your inner guide. It said.
Begin to hear its voice.

Begin to understand its worth in your life,
to ascertain its value
and the ability to become new.

You see, each of us can listen – each can center and focus their world. In the physical world, there are too many distractions – too many fears. Seeing beyond the mask changes that perspective and allows us to become free. We are then no longer restricted by barriers and obstructions but find limitless horizons – unending vistas that open our minds to possibilities the physical world never reveals. We become in tune with our inner desires and find our life’s direction and needs. Again Spirit said:

Each of you seems to wander.

Each forgets the daily needs of their souls.
You move here and there
escaping the ups and downs of life.

You forget the joy of inner work,
the needs of inner work,
the love of inner work.

It’s the time you spend beyond the mask that changes your life. It is there you find the most compelling stories – messages from eternity. It is there you contemplate your future life and see its direction in a detail unknown to your physical world. You find comfort from the Source that creates your world. You enter the quiet, pass through the mask and open your inner ears to eternity. You enter the quiet, listen and retrieve messages that connect with your world. Spirit said:

Begin to hear your inner voice.

It is always with you.

Follow its advice and hear its eternal wisdom.

Do this

and follow each word.

Follow each moment
and see your world change.

What amazes me is the blindness people have to the real presence of this inner realm. Most people fail to understand the incompleteness of the physical realm. They walk each day to the message of the physical and become mesmerized and hypnotized by the all-powerful persuasion that surrounds them. How can quiet compare to the hustle and bustle – the stressful confusion they experience? The women who had a “bad day” the gentleman who could not see beyond the sun shining in his eyes are both examples of the blindness of those who choose to stay completely within the physical realm. If they could only take the time to view how this mask prevents them from seeing the truth – the reason for life. Could they slow their lives to see beyond the mask? Do they fear what they would experience if they took the time to review and contemplate their lives? In quiet, the voice of eternity can be heard clearly. It echoes this concern. In quiet the Spirit speaks:

Too many of you fail to hear.

You fail to listen to the Spirit’s words.

You work daily at jobs that create tension and dismay.

You work at positions that bring sorrow and pain.
What is needed is to look beyond the sorrow and pain
and look through the barrier that keeps the soul separate

from the physical world.

You must look beyond the mask
and see the world of beauty and calm
the world of joy.

You must look carefully
for you must look to witness this inner world.

In seeing beyond the physical, you can help and to heal the inner wounds that cause pain, sorrow, and illness. In doing this, you create the ability to help heal others and to be fully present to provide the insight to allow each person to heal themselves. There exists an energy exchange between souls. A simple touch or a moment’s concern can initiate an exchange. I simply place my hand on a patient’s arm and see an immediate response. They “feel” better and begin to relax – to accept my presence without concern. I act as the transmitter, and they receive what is needed for their healing process to begin. It is this interconnection that is the most powerful mystery known. It is not a physical interconnection but one that begins beyond the mask – beyond the ability of our physical world to measure.

Thich Nhat Hanh in his Living Buddha, Living Christ talks about the ocean as a metaphor for the realm beyond the mask. He says:

“When you see only waves, you might miss the water. But if you are mindful, you will be able to touch the water within the waves as well. Once you are capable of touching the water, you will not mind the coming and going of the waves. You are no longer concerned about the birth and the death of the wave. You are no longer afraid. You are no longer upset about the beginning or the end of the wave, or that the wave is higher or lower, more or less beautiful. You are capable of letting these ideas go because you have already touched the water. “

Again, words are given in quiet to all who are willing to listen:

When you work at seeing beyond the physical mask,
you begin to see life differently.

You see life as the love it is and the miracle it entails.
You begin to hear your inner voice
for it is the Spirit’s voice.

Allow this voice
to become who you are.

Allow it to become your new life
to become the love you see
for this is the world of your dreams.
Search Your Heart

Search your heart for the spiritual.

Search your heart
for in the spiritual you will find life.

You will discover the Spirits love
is contained within your heart
and manifests itself five the soul.

In every event of your life
look with your heart.

In every desire you have
seek with your heart.

In doing this,

you will transmit the love found within your being

via your heart

and see your exterior change.”

It is the change that this understanding brings to life that is so astounding. Your very presence tells others of this change and transmits without effort the new energies you hold. It is these changes in these energies that will allow you to see your connection to all things, all people and all universes. It is these changes that will provide the propulsion needed to grow and expand. Stop for a moment and allow these energies to be felt. Realize the changes you have made and then center upon the knowledge of your unique position within this universe.

You are the heart of the universe.

You are the beauty of the cosmos.

Learn to see,
to feel,
and to be

by the inclinations contained within your heart.

When you do
you will become
and be altered.

You will become
and be changed

You will welcome these changes in your life
and will become at peace.”


Author: Dr. Ronald Bissell

Author, writer, speaker and retired surgeon I am a teacher of the changes that living a spiritual life can create. My interests include Astronomy, History, Creativity with Multimedia presentations and experiencing Life. My passion is to help others to create change in their lives through knowledge of personal and spiritual life principals.