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“Heal The Soul”

What follows are excerpts from an interview by Catherine Sengel, (Journal Tribune Staff Writer), which took place in 1992. In it, you will see and hear many of the philosophical differences that separate Dr. Bissell from other practitioners. She began by saying,

“There is a difference, between healing a patient and caring for a patient. A comforting touch, and complete focus, someone who accepts and listens, can go further towards healing than a once over glance in a prescription for drugs. “To see someone come in extremely nervous, apprehensive and scared, and to see them leave, smiling, calmer, more comfortable, brings everything into perspective, They know they’re cared for in a different way and on a different level.” Those under his care are more to him than just bodies in pain and in need of physical attention. Each is an important part of an interconnected universe. Healing of the mind is as important as healing the body.

Dr. Bissell is a dynamic man, he exposes the blend of mind and body healing grown from a milled of East and West. It comes at times when both doctors in public are realizing increasingly that Western medicine does not have all the answers.”

She continued:

“As the son of two ordained ministers in the work of The Salvation Army, he grew up watching his parents extend constant compassion to those around them. Their religion was more a way of life in a doctrine. “There were not only talking about what they believed; they were living their belief,” he says. Even as a child, he was always a questioner, seeker wanting to see more, never accepting anything at surface value. Introspective and contemplative, he often found a piece beyond the physical that brought him energy and strength.

In college, he studied chemistry and anthropology and came to realize that amid all the of peoples, civilizations, and religions, there was a comparable purpose and comparative goals” He turned to medicine as a way of affecting lives, if only on a small scale. His comfort with Eastern thought led him toward a course in meditation while in school in the late 1960s. Later, as a successful surgeon with accolades, degrees and all the material measures of success, the stressors of the profession weighed heavily on Bissell. He was suffering from high blood pressure and questioning his own perspective on material things and worldly success. So he took time for reflection and turned to meditation, as much for physical benefit as a search for a more peaceful realm. He began to see changes in his life and attitude. His blood pressure went down, he had more energy, and he became calm her and more focused.

“Unless you experience something for yourself you can’t really understand it,” he says. “I could see it made a difference.” Bissell took note of the thoughts that came to him during quiet meditation. After first jotting them down for himself, he began to pass his experiences onto others.

She concluded with this summation:

This formula seems simple in its complexity:

“Find a quiet space where you will not be interrupted, quiet your mind, but don’t try to stop your thoughts. Focus on the space between your thoughts. As you practice, the space between your thoughts will get wider. In that quiet place, you will hear a voice,” Bissell says. He admits he never imagined he would become a writer. Writing and speaking were two things he often avoided. However, in 1992, he began to lecture and tour speaking about intuition, personal development and spiritual growth and the interconnections of life beyond the physical world. We are in an age, he believes, when we fill our days with amassing material wealth and robbing ourselves and our families of time talking and being together in ways more productive and fulfilling than watching television or texting each other on cell phones.

“No one needs to suffer, whether physically or emotionally,” according to Dr. Ronald Bissell. “We have an infinite internal wisdom which allows us to enjoy and understand life.” A practitioner of meditation since 1973, the benefit as Oral Surgeon has come to understand the effect spiritual growth can have on mind/body healing. “I have discovered that healing is a simple touch – a touch within the physical world that transmits healing energy through the veil that separates the physical from the Eternal. Connecting with this Eternal energy causes a profound change in our physical world,” He says. “Passing through this veil allows us to find ourselves in a world full of potential and love. In this manner, we will discover the means to heal our world.”


Author: Dr. Ronald Bissell

Author, writer, speaker and retired surgeon I am a teacher of the changes that living a spiritual life can create. My interests include Astronomy, History, Creativity with Multimedia presentations and experiencing Life. My passion is to help others to create change in their lives through knowledge of personal and spiritual life principals.