I’m an early riser and get to see the sunrise quite frequently. My Neighborhood is located close to a major river and because of its position the wind, rain, and snow tend to accumulate. Last winter we managed to accumulate enough snow to wonder where we could put more. This fall so far is warm and mild compared to many others; however, the morning crispness leaves silver dew on the grass and low-lying shrubs.

This morning was especially beautiful with that silvery tinge overlying the ground. It sets the scene of a developing winter.

however, the warmer temperatures make you question if it’s really going to happen?

From experience one knows that winter is upon us and within a short span of time the silvery dew will become a soft white cover of snow. The mornings will no longer be the forbearer of warm days but will casually develop the darker look that winter brings. However, today is different. The blue sky with a hint of clouds overlies countryside. It signifies the transition that is sure to come when the nights are cold the days are warm. It’s a seesaw between light and dark, good and bad, hot and cold.

Another seasonal change that defines this time of year involves the accumulation of leaves from trees that in summer give us shade and scenic views, however, in fall they seem to attach themselves to everything around us. First, from the maple trees come colorful and beautiful leaves that bring people from miles away to see their cascading colors. We stand in awe at times taking pictures to bring home with us to display the beauty seen to all who enter our homes. It is then that a strange thing happens. Like the ending of a suspense movie the final drama occurs just before the curtain of winter closes the show. Oak leaves begin to descend upon our world.

Now, don’t take me wrong but they are truly the backbreaking event before the rise of winter. One morning each your we wake up to a tsunami of leaves dropping at what seems the operative moment. Our lawns, shrubs and the beauty of fall become all the various shades of brown. The leaves attach themselves to everything it seems and household chores like folding and putting away the laundry is put on the back burner for a while.

Our world seems like something serious just happened. It seems like overnight our world was transformed and awakened to the reality of what is ahead. It seems like in a moment of time thousands and thousands of leaves have departed from their summer home high up in the limbs of trees. They lay dormant on the ground in depths unseen since last year. In the blink of an eye the calendar has moved on and we enter a new season.

Our lives duplicate this cyclic nature. We are born, mature, and then begin the final stage where perhaps our beauty, abilities, and whatever element seems to occupy importance in our lives begin to wane. We become a mere shell of who we were and eventually our bodies decay into our elemental state. We were no longer physical beings.

The self of who we were becomes the “I Am” of eternity. We rejoin the “I AM” only no longer playing the roles given to us but expanding, uniting, and becoming whole. We have been transformed into the glorious being we always were and shine with a brilliance unknown on this plane. We become the beings we always were and enter the realm we always dreamed of only now it is the true reality, the only reality that is real.

We learn so much from nature when we take the time to see. You see, It is once we move through that thin sticky veil that separates life and death we find that peace and sorrow, time and space no longer form obstacles that hold us hostage but become the playing ground of Angels and Saints. We see who we truly are and celebrate our successful journeys.

When asked, “Where do we go when we die?” I say, “Where were you before you were born? Were you worried about where you were going or did you have trust that you would be cared for and loved.” The answer is not a human answer but a spiritual answer that only contemplation and prayer can answer. Living a spiritual life gives you the answers to so many questions; however, it is up to you to create that life and to find within it the seeds of what is to come.


Author: Dr. Ronald Bissell

Author, writer, speaker and retired surgeon I am a teacher of the changes that living a spiritual life can create. My interests include Astronomy, History, Creativity with Multimedia presentations and experiencing Life. My passion is to help others to create change in their lives through knowledge of personal and spiritual life principals.