Jonas Ellison

Hey there, I’m Jonas. And that’s my kid. She’s a bit bigger now, but not much has changed.This page is all about me, so hopefully you’re good with that.

As a newly realized polymath (yes, this is different than a polygamist), it’s really hard to put what I do and who I am in the confines of a single webpage. But I’ll take a crack at it.

Professionally, I’m a writer.

Passionately, I’m a studying interfaith minister-in-training.

I employ both sides of my life to provide support and insight to real people.

When I say, ‘real people,’ I’m talking about those who aren’t interested in spiritual elitism, glorified poverty, or an other-worldly way of living. They don’t have all day to spend in a yoga studio because they’re doing life. Many of them are in creative fields (but all of them are creative at heart).

See, I used to think spirituality had to do with fleeting, evanescent, ephemeral stuff. I saw it as a form of escape, whether it was with knees digging into a pew or sitting on top of a cushion.

However, the further I follow this path, the more I come down from those clouds…

I see now that spirituality is about the dirt, the bones, the blood, the food, and the sweat.

Spirituality is about good business, date nights, amazing workouts, and getting that last hole in before the sun goes down.

It’s about ear infections and crying babies.

It’s about shaking hands, making amends, and those awkward Thanksgiving dinners.

It’s about eating, drinking, and being merry.

It’s about our politics, our agreements, and the way we direct our feet and heart through this physical life.

Spirituality isn’t about the afterlife.

It’s about how we engage with this life.

This whole thing is a temple. Pew and cushion are included, but they seem to merely be the starting point.

My most important body of work lives on my daily blog, Higher Thoughts, the largest single-author publication on Medium with a growing audience of 70,000 subscribers.

You can also find my words at Huffington Post, New York Observer, Thought Catalog, The Mission, Daily Dot, Fizzle, No Sidebar, and more.

These days, my wife and I live in Chicago, IL with our perfectly-behaved 4-year-old daughter and impeccably-trained terrier mutt, Dagny (okay, maybe I’m embellishing a little there). You can often find us drinking too much espresso while trying to take over the world from our home office.

If you’re down for reading deeper into my story (and have a few minutes to spare), read on. I’ll give it to you in a couple bite-sized chunks…

The writing/marketing part…

I love to write. It’s in my DNA. I write a lot of stuff. But professionally speaking, my history has been as a copywriter and content marketing… guy.

I started as a free agent copywriter back in 2010. After a few years of freelancing, I went on to become the Chief Content Officer at an award-winning digital marketing agency in Reno, NV. I’ve worked with many brands and businesses, some of which you’ve heard of and many of which you haven’t.

Today, although my main client is myself, I do take on select clients who are looking to embrace their weirdness, express their unique voice, and write bolder content that shows big results.

“It’s hard to find a writer with as much goddamned soul as Jonas.”

Ash Ambirge, Founder of The Middle Finger Project

The ministerial/spiritual part…

I should start this part by saying that I had a rough go early on. I lost my mom to cancer when I was 16. A lot of my family growing up struggled with poverty and addiction. (I have this type of story in common with too many people.)

I found spirituality almost 20 years ago while watching a Wayne Dyer special on PBS with my dad. Dyer showed me a philosophical spirituality that was expansive instead of dogmatic. He presented a God/Universe/Life Force that was loving and creative instead of static and judgmental.

Yep… Wayne Dyer was my gateway drug to spirituality.

A couple years ago, I signed up for divinity school to become an interfaith minister and am currently working as an assistant minister-in-training at Cityside Church in Chicago, IL. My studies include the major world religions and philosophies with the goal of transcending religiosity and tapping into the common thread that makes us human.


Author: Dr. Ronald Bissell

Author, writer, speaker and retired surgeon I am a teacher of the changes that living a spiritual life can create. My interests include Astronomy, History, Creativity with Multimedia presentations and experiencing Life. My passion is to help others to create change in their lives through knowledge of personal and spiritual life principals.