I was walking the other day through our local mall and as I passed a counter I overheard the clerk saying to her friend, “Ugh, it’s inventory time again.” That line caught my attention so I lingered a bit to see exactly where this conversation was going. Not to my surprise if seems the inventory part their store life is not the most important aspect of their job. The thought of counting all the goods in their department was both exasperating but also tragically flawed by the mundane need for a manual count. I asked them a few questions as they tried to find something for me.

I mentioned to them that I overheard their conversation and wondered if I could ask them a few questions. I asked, ‘what makes it so difficult for you to make an inventory of your goods when everything is electronic and few scans were necessary to complete their task.” The answer intrigued me. She said it wasn’t the inventory that bothered them, it was the repetition of marking each product and them placing them back in their original place or container. It was a boring job at times but then someone nice comes by and asked them a question or two.