A Life Journey

A Journey to the Norwegian Fjords

                              Approaching the shoreline of Norway 


 This past summer my wife and I along with my youngest son took a Disney Cruise to the Norwegian Fjords. We arrived several days early in  Copenhagen, Denmark and enjoyed the city immensely. The city itself was beautiful and parks and historic sites that were simply food for our eyes. Trivoli Park was so different from anything we had seen before while the people were exceptionally friendly.

In this short article, I decided to focus on one aspect of the journey and that was the cruise to the Norwegian Fjord. It was a beautiful day and we began our entry into the fjord around 4 am just after the sun dimmed and returned to the sky. The sun never truly sank below the horizon and it was strange but wonderful to be there during such long days. It was strange in having so much daylight, however, it allowed us to explore well into the “night” hours.

In reflection and some time the trip into the fjords and back left some indelible impressions. I’ve always been sensitive to the energy found in locations around the earth but Copenhagen for some reason really stimulated that portion of my spiritual world. Was it the water, the land, or perhaps the people but the combination of these things gave me an unusual for some but a normal for my reaction to what I was seeing.

So many people miss the spiritual signals as they travel their paths through life. However, for me, it is the spiritual nuances that make trips special. What follows is a short video showing a small fragment of the journey. The words seen as you watch were the words I heard as I took my quiet time of meditation. I hope you will enjoy the whispers from Norway in the context in which I felt and received each one.

Learn to look beyond what you see and feel the power within all things. Quietly, with compassion and humility listen. You will begin to hear whispers from nature, energy from the ether and a calmness that will give you peace. Each time to do this you will hear more and more. Spirit does speak in whispers and only asks for stillness and a peaceful moment to give you messages from beyond the veil.

Your journey is totally up to you to fashion and to form into the life of your dreams. Believe in yourself, your abilities, and the wonder of simply being here amid so much beauty. Don’t miss your journey because it will end and you will regret what you missed in so many ways. Live your life to the fullest and allow Spirit to guide you home.

Choices found amid the beauty of God’s Creation