I’ve never found motivation in making money.

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From my early youth to this day, I never found motivation in making money. I had a full-time job as a surgeon, but it was far away from that of a spiritual writer. I wrote for writing only. For me, writing has always been a hobby for which I have great interest but never can tell how many people actually read what I write. Frankly, knowing this removes some of the pressure and fear of knowing what others think of what I have to say. I am who I am and I write as unfiltered as possible as I want and desire to be free. It is a nice feeling when I can pull words out of my heart, put them on paper and send them into the universe for others to digest. I also do not write for fame or recognition; I write because I enjoy expressing myself in ways that heal others as well as myself.

My favorite essays are the ones I write for free. None of my writings are created for any reason other than to heal others. Such papers are easy to write but really hard to pull from my heart. I like the stupid things that sit on my computer but love the words that come from my soul. It’s so freeing to know that all I’ve received is given to me freely by God and is mine alone to give to the world. I am not an artist or a musician. I’m merely an “awakener” whose purpose in life is to awaken others and help them see their own Light. I am not a writer because I want people to know how great I am, but I do want people to know the path to becoming the best version of themselves (if they put in the work.)

Writing can be fun. However, it is very complicated and very complex. But it is the fun thing that draws me to my computer. I can dip into the wisdom of my soul and place what surfaces on paper where others can read my “soul story” and either relate to it, see how alike we are, or learn how special they are. I can be as creative as I want. I can experiment in all kinds of spiritual musings knowing full well that I may only reach one person’s heart, heal a single wound, or just show someone in need a way to live that will enhance every moment of their life.

Attempting to write some literary work that will bring fame and fortune can be a huge mistake for those who do not like work, hard work. Just like my training and career as a surgeon, it requires the same patience, perseverance, and courage to get started with writing.

After writing for over 50 years, I find writing a path that nourishes my soul, brings life to my being, and allows me with God’s help to change lives. So, I will continue to write. I will love it, hate it, and do it. The language can be as strong as a hurricane or as cold as a cup of iced tea. But, the communication from my soul is refreshing, life-changing and incredibly meaningful. Let the authors you enjoy reading know how much their writing means to you because your words are the gifts that propels them forward.

I am an easy going person, at times I get discouraged and think to myself “maybe I’ll stop and not write again.” But, my inner voice helps me see how within the span of a reasonable length of time, I created this article for you. I wrote it to encourage you, to give you a few words knowing that only one of my many words (and those who inspire me to write) may cause you to overcome an obstacle in life, a moment of remorse, or a thought that you cannot accomplish your life’s purpose.

By writing, I mean really putting your heart and soul on paper, creating an article that changes hearts and thoughts, or is a series of words that make you cry or laugh while knowing full well it will also do the same for others. Writing is a gift that keeps giving through each person who allows your words to enter their soul and thereby change the trajectory of their life.

Won’t you join me, follow me, like me, or simply give what I write to someone you love. You may never know how much your changed their life. But, that may not be the reason you gave it to them. Perhaps you did it to feel satisfaction deep within your soul. Namaste my friend.