Make Your Life Better

Better Be
Be who you are and you will find happiness.
Keep in mind that work isn’t the only facet of your life. Finding time is just as significant. Making time to enjoy interests, family, and hobbies make life pleasurable. They also bring more happiness and allow you to be more active on the job. In the past, you may have spread yourself so thin and had so little time that you found yourself unable to be on top of your own time and could not be much use to anyone else. One common trait many find is the tendency to compare yourself to others instead of being yourself. Don’t fall into the trap of comparing your self or your life with others. If so you will almost always put yourself as being more significant than those from whom you differentiate yourself. You will fool yourself into a false sense of who you are and in turn become less happy and withdrawn. You can see how making comparisons isn’t a useful or good thing to do. Instead, create a time every day for yourself. Doing this is not wasting time but using the time you have to allow yourself to be alive. You can relieve any stress you may find yourself experiencing. You could spend the time reading a good book or doing something uplifting and positive not just for yourself but for others. Doing these kinds of things allows you to be at your best when needed. Helping others gives you a sense of satisfaction and leads to a more happy and inner disposition. You will discover true happiness. Taking care of yourself is one of the most important values you can express. You will not only feel more relaxed but will find greater contentment and satisfaction in all you do. Being stressed due to overdoing it or being too busy creates tension and anger because you do not value yourself as much as you appreciate others. Our lives are a time to laugh, play, and to have ownership of who you are not what you do. I suggest you begin to value yourself and who you are more than you value doing things. Look at your life and see beauty with a caring heart. See the qualities of your true self apart from your work or job. Make each moment one of elevation of your spirit where you use your time wisely so you will stimulate your inner soul to become what others see. Seek a life of positivity and wonder not one of sorrow over how little time you have. It is by consciously changing your outlook to one of happiness you will discover how important you are in the development of joy and happiness in your life. Stop the comparisons and begin to appreciate who you are as a person of worth. When you focus on who you are you will discover how unimportant things are and you will find yourself to be much happier and content with your life.