The Sense That Time Keeps Going Faster

black and white photo of clocks
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It’s actually just after you’re born that life bursts before your eyes. Entire aeons are lived in those first few months when you feel inseparable from “the worlds” itself, with nothing to do but watch it overtaking by. At first, day is merely felt vicariously, as something that happens to other parties. You get used to living in the moment, because there’s nowhere else to lead. But soon enough, life begins to move, and you learn to move with it. And you take it for granted that you’re a different person every year, Modernized with a different body … a different future.

You run around so fast, the world around you seems to stand still. Until a summer trip can stretch on for an heaven. You start to feel hour is progress, learning its tempo, but now and then it bounces a shape. as if your birthday arrives one day earlier every year. We should consider the idea that youth is not actually wasted on the young. That their drama are no more glorious than there is a requirement to. That their passions stimulate perfect sense, formerly you adjust for inflation. So for someone going through adolescence, life feels epic and tragic simply “because its”: every quirk in your epoch could easily warp the arc of your story. Because each year is worth a little less than the last. And with each birthday we circle back, and cross the same stage all over the sunbathe. and wish one another,’ many happy returns .’ But soon you feel the clique begin to tighten, and you recognise it’s a spiral, and you’re already halfway through. As more of your era repeats itself, you begin to cast off dead weight, and feel the steady push toward your centre of gravity, the ballast of recollections you hold onto, until it all seems to move under its own inertia.

So even when you sit still, it feels like you’re running somewhere. And even if tomorrow you are able to guide a bit faster, and unfold your appendages a little far you’ll still feel the second largest worsening away as you drift around the bend. Life is short and life is long but life is not the same thing as time. Life is. So, enjoy all of it today!