Beyond the Veil

It took me many years to understand the true nature of Christmas. I studied western medicine and worked my entire life to learn the physical laws of disease. It is from this experience I draw knowledge and perception. However, from another perspective, there is a knowing deep within me of a force which lies behind each movement we make, a power greater than any human desire, an energy that breathes life into each cell of our bodies, a Presence that causes our wounds to heal.

Each time I performed surgery or watched a patient heal it reminded me that a miracle had transpired, a miracle beyond our physical perception. So many doctors feel that they have enacted the miracle. They see only the tangible results of their work. They fail to see the actual world that lies beyond their human eyes. They gaze upon the physical barrier of flesh and never look beyond it into a world of absolute wonder.
At one time in my life, I too gazed at the physical barrier that was before me. I saw with human eyes and failed to perceive the limits they can discern. I failed to touch the veil that lays between one world and the next. I was unable to see the actual universe for human eyes only see vestiges that universe. It is the glitter presented by the physical world which blinds them. This world is a world of limitless attractions. We are pulled in one direction and then the next. We wallow in a prefabricated stupor for that is the world we see.

Christmas is the one time when we touch the veil that separates us from the Spiritual realm. We consciously without hesitation speak words that we see beyond the veil. What other time can we see the choice to grow and expand the world around us and talk about love, peace, and joy? What other time do we actively touch the Spirit of God so openly and so consciously?
Yes, Christmas is an exceptional bit of time that presents us with the ultimate and contrasting visions. On the one hand, we see a world of greed, glitter, and overpowering desire for things. While on the other side of that sticky veil is found a world at peace, full of love and the greatest prize of all – the true message of God’s love.

Christmas is a time when we opening and willingly see beyond the mask of the physical. We witness the stark reality of two worlds. Which world is the world you choose to emulate? Which world do you reflect toward others? The more you think about these things, the more you will change your life in ways that will astound you. It is Christmas that fills your life with the energies of love, peace, and compassion. It is Christmas that allows us to see beyond the veil into eternity.