Now What?

After many days of preparation Thanksgiving day has arrived. It was a beautiful day with people of all ages meeting together to celebrate Thanksgiving. Everyone felt that joy of being together as one family eating good food, drinking ample refreshments while looking at the many deserts for after meal treats.  All had mingled, talked, and reminisced over times long before and what the future could bring. The excitement energized everyone; however, the food eventually made the chatter quiet down until all had their fill.

The post-meal festivities began with groups forming to discuss this and that until a postprandial mood set in and everyone was talked out. Then, without warning that moment came when each prepared to go their separate ways.  Have you ever noticed that “time” whether it is after a meal or a basic get together when the pendulum starts to stop on its upward arc and descends toward its opposite extreme? It’s a time that can be awkward, but it is a definite moment one can feel when “the party is over.”

All your company bids farewell and transit the door from a world of love and comfort to that outer world of the unknown. But, once everyone has gone a quiet descends upon the home and a single question appears on the host’s mind. “What do you do with those turkey leftovers?”

What can you do? Why not try freezing them. By freezing your turkey leftoversI’m *, you will have turkey leftovers are something of the past, you’ll be able to enjoy them for months. Freezing turkey is a cheap and easy way to extend the life of your turkey leftovers. Turkey leftovers could be frozen up to 3 months with good results.

Here are a few quick suggestions to create your freezing a success.

  1. Freeze turkey in parts so your family can use a slice or two as a snack or meal.
  2. Chop the turkey meat the size for simple packaging
  3. Use zipper refrigerator bags for ease of storage.
  4. Freeze turkey with its inventory of veggies for making fast stew.
  5. Stir-fry turkey with leftovers and veggies so when. you are ready to utilize. them, you can heat and serve over cooked rice.
  6. Freeze pre-made turkey sandwich, turkey quiche, and turkey casseroles.
  7. Frozen turkey sandwich could be sent in lunches for school or work.
  8. In case you have a little lot of turkey leftover, then freeze in bite-size pieces.
  9. The next time you have leftovers you could pull out the frozen turkey leftovers and put in it to casseroles or pot pie.

By planning these kinds of things, you can make that Thanksgiving Dinner cleanup chore into many different future meals. You will not have that “What Now” moment and feel overwhelmed. You preplanned beforehand and know how you can keep those warm moments alive for some time to come.