Living a Good Life

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I’ve discovered there is a slightly vague, mutual understanding between people. The good life everyone talks about can be dissected down to its purest form. Living the good life addresses the everyday pleasures which make you happy, the kind deeds you perform, your personal goals you try to accomplish, and the relationships you cultivate. It also applies to any legacy you wish to leave once you die. So, what is the typical result people seek? I feel the most important subject we all seem to want is a deep personal fulfillment of some sort. The good life can also be about enjoying all your time, not only your leisure time. Too many people become caught up in your mad rush of a today’s world and grow entirely numb to the many minutes that pass each day or the simple building blocks of time which make life magical. Time causes a significant pressure on us all and can be the single event that causes that pressure we feel as we travel through life. If the urgency of the time accompanied with its pressure were lifted from us, we could begin to see life as the miracle it is. Life is simply beautiful. It can be charming and full of amazing opportunities. However, to realize these events we must take hold of our lives and begin to look and listen in order to see such wonderful moments. There is a vast difference between doing things done and getting things done efficiently. Ever hear the saying, “appreciate life’s simple pleasures for the best things in life are free”. Most things are free in life. At least the things of importance seem to fit there. From a quiet lakeside shore to sleeping in on a rainy day, lifes best simple delights can only be bought with mindful awareness. It is up to you to create and invigorate relationships in order to have a truly satisfying life one could call “the good life. Things to do to have a better chance of “living the good life.”
  • Learn about the many things found in life. Remember, a jack of all trades is way more equipped than the master of only one. Combining the two is the key.
  • Concentrate on Your Passions. Real wealth comes naturally to those who’re enthusiastic about their endeavors.
  • Travel to Distant Places. There are places on the planet which will open your mind to realities you have never imagined in your wildest dreams
  • Talk to Strangers Quite directly, this is how you will meet great people.
  • Exercise Your 5 Senses Sight, hearing, odor, taste and touch. Each provides a passage to rewarding personal experiences.
  • Use What You Have. Success isn’t the byproduct of limitless resources.
  • Success occurs whenever you stretch the limits of your available resources.
  • Assist Others. What goes around comes around.
  • Be Clear on Your Goals. In order to succeed, you must know what success is and how it feels to you. Set goals so you will know the feeling of success.
  • Become bold by learning to make a Decision. Indecision is the root cause of missed opportunity and a waste of your time. But it takes practice to become a good decision maker.
  • Practice General Time Management. Attempting to accomplish your goals without doing a bit of time planning is like navigating the open ocean without a compass and map.
These are a few of the things that will make your life special and full of surprises. Daily working on incorporating at least a few each day will bring great rewards to you. You will feel more alive, feel the freedom of independence, and know you are alive. the boredom of yesteryear will be gone and the feeling of exhilaration will replace those moments of boredom, lack of hope for your future, and that desperate need to fight time.