About Dr. Bissell

About Dr. Bissell

An introduction and Biography

I am asked quite frequently how did all this spiritual study and work begin? Where did the time come from while being actively engaged in a very busy surgical practice? What caused you to take this different road in your life? The answers to these questions are very complex, however, I would like to answer some of those questions here. I practiced maxillofacial surgery for over 35 years in a small coastal town in Maine. My practice was somewhat eclectic in that besides routine surgery in my office I also had a large hospital practice consisting of facial and head and neck trauma surgery. I enjoyed my practice and of being service to thousands and thousands of patients, but under that enjoyment I always felt an emptiness that I could not fill. I became a spiritual seeker exploring various ways to fill that emptiness. Shortly after beginning my practice that emptiness became greater and my quest to find that missing piece became more intense.

Outwardly, I appeared as a caring surgeon, however, inwardly I struggled to try to understand what was missing in my life. I married an amazing woman and was the father of two sons who grew to be impressive young men. I also created a surgical practice with an aim towards serving other people with the gifts given to me. I received accolades from everyone I served and settled into what some would call “an ideal life”.
Too many of you reading this essay may wonder what was wrong with this picture? Also, some of you may identify with the process and direction my life was leading. However, I was also surprised with it’s direction. In 2002 on a cold day in December my life came to an abrupt halt because I began to show symptoms of an unknown neurologic disease. For several years before this, I noticed the beginnings of a slight tremor in my hands as well as increasing muscular pain throughout my entire body. From an external viewpoint my surgery was impeccable, and my life appeared normal. However in 2002, I found it necessary to stop by surgical practice before symptoms began to show in any portion of work. Have you ever wondered how your life would change if one day you were on top of the world the next day you lost everything?

On that fateful day, I found myself in a new place. I was no longer a surgeon but was a person who one night walked out the front door of his office and closed the door behind him for the last time. My life was over, or was it? The next day I entered a new world. I was no longer the person I was the day before but needed  desperately to find the person I was today. For the first time that emptiness felt for years was now staring me directly in the face. Everything I knew did not prepare me for that emptiness. It was only then that I realized all the years of seeking, obtaining knowledge, and using that knowledge in my practice had given me a solid rock which I could use to create a new life.

Finding such knowledge, wisdom, and the application of that  wisdom is found in very few websites. Fewer will present some answers to you, but most will have some form of strings attached. Listen2whispers is not that type of site. It exists only for your enlightenment and education. It has no agenda or desire to persuade you to become this or become that. Listen2whispers is not a religious site nor one which wishes to indoctrinate you in any belief; it is only one person who lived through a series of incredible experiences which led him from total loss to rebuilding his life. The entire site is my gift to you to see how, when, and what caused this change to occur. Hopefully, it will aid you in filling any emptiness you may have inside with knowledge, wisdom, and the understanding of the wonder that changed my life and the lives of many others  through workshops and seminars.

Your life is a gift given to you without any strings attached. It is yours to shape and grow. It is both precious and delicate and within it lies all the wisdom you will ever need to create the life you desire. You will find this knowledge once you allow the barriers to fall that held you hostage. Once you eliminate the obstacles from around your heart. You will open and permit the wisdom I discovered from beyond the veil to lead you in the direction of Spirit. The content of this site is for those willing to live a different kind of life. To accomplish this change it will take work on your part not only to fill the empty places within you but also to learn how to remove them from your life. I found many places in my life that allowed me to explore deeper into the inner spaces where emptiness was found. It was those areas once cleared and filled with love that helped me become receptive to the words, thoughts, and teachings that I believe came to me from beyond the veil. I encourage you to read, listen and study the information you will find. By doing this, you will set the stage for your life’s transformation.             –
Dr. Ron Bissell

    Dr. Bissell’s Biography

Dr. Ronald Bissell was born in Concord, NH to parents whose lives were ones of caring for others as Salvation Army Officers. He grew up attending 13 schools in 12 years and went on to become a Maxillofacial Trauma Surgeon in a coastal town in Maine. There he practiced office and hospital surgery in a very busy private practice. Throughout his practice years he studied meditation, holistic healing, Reiki, and other forms of body/mind healing. Through helping patients overcome traumatic injuries he constantly expanded his awareness of Spirit and communicated his knowledge to others through his personal caring personality as well and office atmosphere. A highly respected and accomplished surgeon, he used his understanding of spiritual growth, intuition, and personal development to change the nature of his profession.

Recipient early in his career of the Golden Poet Award, his written works include The Soul Space, Souls of Light, Eban’s World, Reflections, Unity, Wisdom from the Soul, Change your life – Change Your World and an Audio program of 7 Spiritual Meditations. He has also written hundreds of articles on Spirituality. His website is listen2whispers.org. He recently completed 12 years of monthly 2 hour workshops and now devotes his time to writing, reading, and developing multimedia presentations of “Living a Spiritual life”. He lives with his wife along the Southern Coast of Maine.

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