Ah, Summer


I don’t know exactly where you live but must feel that you look forward to summer as much as I. Only lately has the murmur within me begun to throb that Yes, it’s summer, but only quietly and not spoken. However, it looks like summer is about to hit here in New England. I’m tired of the blizzard today, the Nor’easter another and I’m so looking forward to just relaxing and enjoying the warmth of the summer sun. Yes, it’s summer!

I live near the ocean and next to a “city of attractions.” Summer is the season of the “people from away”. You know, those from anywhere than here. They come by the thousands, and I mean tens of thousands to crowd our beaches and overwhelm the traffic situation that we natives enjoy the rest of the year. Yes, I understand the economic impact of such visitors so quietly allow them to take advantage of the beauty of our beaches and shoreside businesses. It’s a trade-off that we accept and encourage.

There is one thing that has always perplexed me about this influx and exodus of people. That is, how fast they come and go. By that I mean, (this is coming from a native remember) before Memorial Day most hotels and beachside businesses are closed, boarded up, and the towns are quiet and peaceful. The day before Memorial Day the local beachfront stores lay dormant, however, the morning of the start of Memorial Day weekend they are all open for business. It’s like the stores were in a state of perpetual frozen animation. Once Memorial Day is over everything remains open until Labor Day, and the world seems busy and bright.

Then, comes Labor Day. That’s another day that will live in infamy. I mean for that entire holiday weekend the towns are busy with vacationers and passersby. It seems like it will never end, that is, until the day after Labor Day. The night before the end of the weekend everything is bustling but the morning after when you wake up everything has changed again. Pools are closed, hotels abandoned, seaside shops are “closed for the season,” and the most telling is when restaurants have signs saying, “Open on weekends.” The town has gone to sleep again for its long winter’s nap.

I’ve seen this repeated all my life with amazement. One day open, the next day closed is the motto. I always say, “what is wrong with Spring and Autumn. These are the two most beautiful months of the year but, let’s just keep that between you and me so us locals can enjoy the beach without all the commotion and especially without all the traffic.

Ah, yes, it’s summer. What is it like in your area? I’d love to hear from you and get a feel for other parts of the world.