An Interview of Dr. Ronald Bissell by Diane Atwood

Life is a gift given to us by God. It is our choice as to how we react to the obstacles and difficulties that are presented to us. Each day we can wake up and either waste our fragile life or we can choose to use our time on earth to help others improve their lives.

For me, I’ve lived a very different life because I alway saw my path as a pathway to help others see their true potential. Whether that intersection of our lives involved surgery or now through workshops, talks, movies, and books/articles I have chosen the life of giving instead of taking. The universe grounds me with love and understanding and the Creator of us all gives us the freedom to make our own decisions, direct our own pathway, and to affect all we meet with either love or hate. It seems to me we all have choices to make in our lives and those choices produce a life of beauty of one of sadness.

Imagine what you could accomplish if you knew you could not fail.

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I will always be grateful for Diane’s kindness towards me and hope in some way I contributed to her Podcast in ways that will lead others toward a life of gentleness and love.