Anybody There?

Hey, anybody there? I know you are out there…somewhere. It’s a big world full of wonderful people, but where are you? I see the stats and know you come by and read and I thank you for that but writing is like looking in a mirror and seeing your own reflection. You can scream and yell yet, the mirror doesn’t talk back. There isn’t even an echo of your own voice.

Hmm, it gets lonely talking to myself. After another cup of coffee I know someone will connect…..nope, just me. My inbox is just full of advertisements for this or that software that will change the course of my life and make me millions of dollars. Is that why we do what we do. It costs nothing to read, even less to write. Maybe today I’ll get that note telling me how much this person or that one really enjoys what I write. Nope, quiet settles over my world. I think I’ll have another cup of coffee.

The above conversation is an example of the life found by many writer’s at various times in their lives. Writing is a one sided conversation waiting to hear the other side speak. The quiet can be deafening. I don’t know what drives someone to sit in front of a computer and tap on keys but it is a drive from deep within where questions can be asked but can’t be explained.

There are many people who have different occupations or interest but still have those same questions burning inside. Why do I do this or that? Am I happy or sad? Is this all there is? I hear that quite frequently from executives, doctors, and even lawyers. They begin a career and reach the “pinnacle” of their careers to find out they’ve done it all and still feel alone.

We feel this way because of expectations we place on whatever it is we do. We expect someone to care about what we do. We think, “today’s the day” only to become disappointed. Expectation is a two edged sword. One one side lies joy and pleasure but on the other one finds sadness and the unfulfilled feeling.

When you get that “Anybody there” feeling just remember you are part of a larger choir that sings out the same song. As someone once said, “no one is an island”, we all live our lives with moments of expectation and feel the loss once the focus of our attention doesn’t appear. When I get that feeling of being alone I realize the larger audience may never appear. However, those who show up, write a short note, or just say “Hi” bring my reality back in line.

When you know someone is in that “anybody there” moment, make sure you stop what you are doing and take just a short break to say hello, write them a note, send them a card to let them know they are not alone and you care about them. You will change their world instantly because they will know somebody is there.

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  1. Amy Anderson

    I love checking out your posts, Ron. I find inspiration and thought-provoking ideas. Keep sharing. You are a wonderful resource.

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