The Expectation of Christmas

woman putting string lights on christmas tree
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It is the expectation of Christmas that is my favorite parts of Christmas. Early in the morning I can go outside and breathe in the air which forever, somehow, smells like spice and pleasure. Christmas was coming and thereby, the absolute most anticipated moment of this year. More significant than any other day yet because 1) I usually wasn’t disappointed on Christmas and 2) everyone was pleased.

If we decode this formula of joyous feeling, selfless wishing, and sharing, feel of quantity and confident expectation hidden in the Christmas life; it is indeed possible to have the Santa Claus of cosmic intelligence pleasantly surprise us with the gifts of creativity, courage, positivity, tenacity and most importantly synchronicity.

Then there is the joy, lights, carols, tree decorating, day parties, and filling stockings that heightens my imagination. I put out the festive board, spending time on centerpieces. Our house gathers to dinner, I break out birthday candles, and so we all get selfies with spoons falling off our noses. What could be better?

If only we adults would recover some of the expectation and change, the joy and curiosity, of a child’s Christmas… Or of this real early Christmas. True, we know what is coming. We feel no expectation about the arrival of Jesus; Christmas for some people is just another day, the one past that period of the year where we push our way through shops, unpack our ornaments, and overeat.

Just imagine how our world could change if instead of looking with anticipation for presents and gifts we instead discuss the true meaning of Christmas. What if we could put those feeling ahead of the secular world? Would our society be more peaceful, more interactive and more in tune with our Creator’s intent for this most important day of the year?