How to Show Gratitude

Friends and our family probably know we love them. However, I believe as many of us get caught up in the hurry of today’s world, we forget to express how thankful we are for them in our lives. Showing gratitude seems to be something that occurs less and less today because we struggle with not enough time, face time, and many other “screens.” Between running kids to from activities and appointment, juggling duties and work and attempting to keep up with your responsibilities, it could be simple to forget to create the time to show gratitude. An email note or a letter to someone via snail mail appears to be a lost art form.

Here are some ideas to change those habits:

1. Tell that friend, particular person, or relative that you love and respect them in a form.

2. Be sure to give them lots of hugs!

You don’t have to hold a sign saying “hugs here.” However, be sure to offer people plenty of hugs and affection. One method is to approach someone with your arms slightly out and bent forward with palms out. This is an invitation they can either take or not. Most people will accept this gesture and respond with a hug. Those that do not want to hug will not be offended by such an open gesture.

In both individuals partaking in such a way to reduces some stress for a person having a bad day. Hugs in many studies find a reduction in stress levels!

3. Do a favor for somebody –

Whether its dropping soup off to your sick friend, bringing coffee or treats to a neighbor, running and errand for someone who is sick, these small ways will show you care and will brighten their day.

4. Provide encouragement

Perhaps this individual is losing some of their capabilities and questioning whether or not they’re capable of finishing something they used to enjoy to do.

Be an encouragement and a cheerleader to assist them in attaining their goals. Occasionally all it can take is a someone believing in us to help us create our dreams.

5. Give a real compliment

If you appreciate someone who is a great influence on your life, let them know it!

6. Share your abilities –

If you’re a master photographer, offer a friend a gift like
taking their families Christmas portrait or other photo. Or perhaps you’re excellent at writing resumes and know of someone who could use your help. I’m sure they’ll very much appreciate it! –

7. Celebrate a friend’s successes

When you know of someone who has a reason to celebrate, be happy for them and celebrates their accomplishments.

It is the simple yet profound yet effective favors such as these can go a long way in showing someone you care about them. Doing simple will also help you keep your good mood during your day as well.