I Believe

One of the best means of creating a spiritual life is to sit down and take your time to write a spiritual statement. In other words, create and paragraph, several sentences, or a poem describing in detail what guides your life and how you intend to live your life. Be specific as you can be and refine your words as time goes by. You will find each time your focus will become more refined and you will see growth occurring that will surprise you.

I’ve been putting my spiritual journey down for years and each time I find some tweak here or there but more importantly I remind myself of the journey I have committed to and see whether I meet up to my own desired life. Some people I know have 5 or 6 words that they place in a logo or produce a more formal slogan which describes their life. I would encourage you to do such an in-depth description as you feel comfortable fashioning about your life and your desired spiritual outcome.

Review it every 6 months or every year and change it as necessary but do read it and remember your promise to yourself and your God.

What follows is my spiritual statement only this time I created a video to further imprint my desired lifestyle and outlook for the next 6 months. Join me won’t you by sending me yours. I would enjoy connecting with you to encourage you along your spiritual journey.