Keep Living Life

As I grow older I find it more and more important to keep living life.    When I get bored and find myself drifting into the kitchen and eating all kinds of snacks. How do I stop this habit? While there are many numerous causes of overeating, and boredom eating is amazingly common. Studies have reported that nearly 50% of adults occasionally turn to food to stifle feelings of sadness or to take care of a negative mood. Many people realize that food is simply a temporary diversion from boredom rather than a cure. If your boredom causes you to eat once in a while, don’t be hard on yourself. If boredom eating becomes a coping mechanism to curb awareness of your feelings, then you may miss the significant message lying beneath your boredom. Additionally, you might notice unintentional weight gain, and develop a feeling of helplessness about your capability to stop your eating behaviors.

Boredom is a complex emotion and a significant sign your life isn’t being lived to its fullest, most pleasing extent possible. Boredom tells you that you’ve become weary of a life which became dull, monotonous, repetitive, and routine. As you think you can’t live or act otherwise, one begins to feel disinterested in your life, lethargic, as well as unfocused. Boredom is the end result of having your motor running while you have the foot on the brake. Eating can be a mechanism to divert you from your battle as well as the ensuing boredom. Eating can perhaps alleviate the tension for a brief period of time. Regardless of how much you eat or how frequently, the conflict inside you remains. A helpful viewpoint is to realize your boredom signifies a vital desire for individual growth in new ways of thinking, acting, and being alive. Boredom invites one to take a breath and delve somewhat deeper to explore individual passions and desires you may have. Eating to suppress your boredom is just to put your life on hold. You see, we all want to feel better, as well as to be a good person towards others, and want to avoid those feelings of discomfort and sadness. Through the repeated episodes of this cycle, you may find that boredom eating doesn’t make the actual boredom go away. At worst, eating while sad can lead to an unconscious, yet very strong repetitive habit of eating to feel better, as well as put on several undesirable pounds. What you need isn’t a temporary diversion or numbness, but more authentically joyful alive moments. It’s up to you to find or create joyful experiences which are still more rewarding, and more refreshing than eating. Food pushes down the feelings of boredom and could momentarily leave you feeling better. Perhaps boredom is the way of showing yourself that you’ve outgrown your level of aliveness. Boredom could be a signal that you need to find greater joy, as well as greater aliveness in your day to day experience. More than likely, you won’t overcome your roller coaster emotions, or your eating to relieve sadness in a single day. A helpful viewpoint is to realize your boredom signifies a vital desire for individual growth in new ways of thinking, acting, and being alive. Eating to suppress your boredom is just a way to put your life on hold or to avoid making the necessary changes in your life to make the at times uncomfortable fear of moving outside of your “comfort zone” into the unknown. The real gift to yourself is to make those small daily moves to expand your “zone” and find what you’ve been missing in your life. If you do, you will fill up those empty places with moments of joy and happiness. It is by filling the empty places with pleasurable events and feelings of wonder that will give you the reward of a lifetime of experiences that will dispell the boredom and sadness you once knew.
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Live your life to the fullest and find joy in every moment you live.