Life of Gratitude

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Creating an attitude of gratitude is among the simplest steps we may take to improve our lives. The happiness that we make for ourself by demonstrating our appreciation
has far reaching consequences, both for ourself and for all people we come into contact with. The capacity for gratitude to spread beyond these individuals also increases
and it could be very contagious. There are plenty of various ways that we may express an attitude of gratitude.
  • Here are only a few:
    1. Say thank you. This is the most elementary and well known way of showing appreciation to others. Saying thank you is a way to express your gratitude and may happen in several different forms. You can tell it in person, on the phone, as a note, or at an email.
    1. Using this when its expected may have significant results in lifting someones spirits. As an example, a fast note for the childs coach may congratulate her for her hard work and patience. this one gesture may give her the increase of energy she needs right when she wants it most. You might never know exactly what effect this had on her, yet it may have an effect.
    1. Stop complaining about your life. Even as tough as life may be sometimes, remember that there is always somebody who has matters worse than you do. Constant complaining about what’s wrong in your own life will keep you focused on the problem.
    1. The opposite is also true. Focusing on what’s right in your life will keep you focused on positive issues. Focusing on the negative is going to bring you down while focusing on the favorable will raise you up. Concentrate on what you have, not on what you do not have.
    1. This is also associated with not complaining about your life. Being thankful for what you have keeps you in a favorable place. Whereas. focusing on what you don’t have keeps you in a negative place. Focusing on what you do have, no matter how little or how much that is, is a great expression of gratitude.
  1. Model your attitude. Modeling your own attitude of gratitude is a good way to spread it to others. We have all heard of the Golden Rule to treat others the way you would like them to treat you. Showing your own appreciation to others will show them how they can reciprocate.
An attitude of gratitude can be very infectious! Be pleased with simple things and be mindful of even the smallest things. Being grateful for these matters in our lives is as important as being thankful for the big things.
Our lives fill up with small things every day for which we can be grateful. What about that front row parking spot you found whenever you had been running late? Or
the beautiful weather outside? How about the store clerk who went out of her way to assist you? This kind of change may take a little practice. But, there are many small things through the day for which we can be grateful. That is, if we spend a little time to notice them.