Living the Spiritual Journey

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It’s tough to maintain the effort and discipline of spirituality on your own. However, it may be wonderfully supportive and life-affirming to have friends dedicated to a similar spiritual path as the one you travel. Find a resonating pathway and then study and follow that path with full dedication. If you’re genuinely joyful and fulfilled, it means you’re making good headway along your spiritual way.

Since time immemorial spirituality has been a path in the direction of happiness, fulfillment and a well-balanced life. Identifying with experience, and finding your real compassion is the path to more profound spirituality — in addition to being the source of the spiritual power. Nonetheless, you owe it to your self and those around you to take the time to clearly define your goals and your aspirations if you are going to make real progress in any direction.

If you hold on to old grudges or make it your goal to hurt someone for the wrong they once did to you, you’re also making life difficult for your self. It is crucial to remember that having that vision is nothing more than a want for the longer term – until you construct a story around that want and make it real.

Life can also be a personal journey where you make decisions along the way. This path allows you to observe your outer world in the way you choose. Take those 2 or 3 hours this month to write out your responses to questions that come up. Doing this will make a tremendous difference in your life and the way you think about the direction of your path. Your mind is full of thoughts, and ideas. If those thoughts and actions are from the spiritual your life will be great without feeling guilty about any of your minds ideas.

Discover how to quiet down the nonstop chatter of your thoughts. Stop overthinking everything, and do away with any thoughts or ideas that waste your time and power. Imagine how free, calm and happy you will be. You can also stop getting upset by what others say or do, let go of all negative thought, and avoid taking things personally. Whether you’re someone who’s devoted their life to spiritual development or just beginning to discover your spirituality, there are essential “growth points” that you will find from the path you follow.

You can’t be identified as being human and unaware of the physical world around you any more than you are recognized as being a spiritual person who denies the human experience.  At some time in life, most people experience a feeling that there’s something more significant than the defined physical world they inhabit. They begin to realize they are more dimensional, spiritual beings having a physical experience on this Earth.

As you deepen into your spiritual journey, you will experience a different aspect of your self and your life. You will feel and begin the understanding of the spiritual issues of your being and awaken to a journey that is expansive and larger than you ever imagined.

No matter what type of spiritual practice you settle upon be it meditation or merely a walk in the woods you will find a keen awareness of who you indeed are. You will notice your conscious awareness become important in your life, see this awareness as the result of a rising of your consciousness, and will begin to take notes of your surroundings. You will become aware of your emotions, and find answers to all the questions you ask. You are already a Spirit-filled human being, worthy to be loved by many. You will search to deepen and widen your awareness of what is right for you in this world.

I search to deepen and widen my consciousness of Spirit’s Presence within me as a regular ongoing part of my life. The realization of spirituality is unavoidable. This is because spirituality is in everything you see, feel, contact, smell, and encounter and has the feeling of sacredness everywhere around it. This perception can begin the shift of your perspective on everything you know. It can cause you to change your viewpoint of mundane life with all its shortfalls and pain to one of a life full of gratitude and a deepening sense of your connection with the universe in which you live.

As a teacher of personal and spiritual growth, I see this step as the most important. To Awaken to the Spirit’s Presence is called many things; however, the word Awakening says it all. When you Awaken your eyes begin to see the totality of our universe, our minds start to expand to accept thoughts and ideas thought impossible before, and our true nature becomes known.

When you spend less time inside your head thinking you will begin to raise your consciousness ever so slowly at first but then more significant as time passes. You will start to love your self and then begin to show that love to others.  You will start to heal and to help others raise the level of their awareness and thereby strengthen your world. In this hectic world, take the time to tap into the thing that is larger than yourself.

Whether the spiritual quest is indeed one of understanding divinity or enhancing one’s own religious condition, love fuels and energizes the essence of who you actually are. By confronting the concepts you would not consider before, you will deepen your understanding of your own spirituality – plus, you can begin to understand the world around you in all its different ideas and ways of being.

Today, make time to heal a wounded heart, to extend kindness to someone who needs a friend or to help someone put the puzzle pieces together of a broken life. The most successful people in life did not get to the place they are today as a result of waiting for the perfect second to make a change, they took the plunge and figured it out as they traveled their life’s pathway.

Try to meditate every day, even when it is only a few minutes. As I see it, we who are seeking to be more non-secular in our daily lives need merely to open our awareness to the love of our Creator. Doing this will help increase our self-love, and then generates a higher capability for us to embrace others with compassion. The most important thing you are able to do is to follow your intuition and design a relationship with the divine that’s divinely yours. It’s essential to encompass yourself with people who are also spiritual, so you’ll be able to communicate with them about questions, considerations or doubts you could have.

We are many things, and we modify moment to moment as our perceptions change: perceptions of ourselves, as well as perceptions of the outer world. The inspiration we as humans typically impart to one another comes by way of sharing our life experiences and a future vision to show each other a better way to live.