Motivate Yourself

Motivate Yourself! There two principal motivators in propelling one’s creative self. The first, in whatever form it may take allows you to explore, to experiment, and envision a step-by-step process. The second principal motivation involves creating a connection with others. This motivator consists of a person being touched or enriched by your creation. Take a moment, consider if this has ever happened to you.

There is also a hidden motivator which could be easily overlooked. This one should be considered carefully for it could mean success or failure. Take a moment in your preparations to place yourself in the position of your audience. What are they going to see? How will the presentation appear from their vantage point? By carefully considering the way your presentation looks from the audience perspective. This one headed motivator can make the difference between inspiration and disinterest.

Consider this short story for the moment. Imagine you live a short distance from your work. On your way to work you almost always pass a man sitting in front of a coffee shop with a sketchbook in his lap. You never see what he has imagined, and quite frankly you are in a hurry to get to work. You see this every day and never consider how brave he is to show his creations. This shows how important it is for him to show his imagination to others. He is not concerned about humiliation or fear by showing others his work. Seeing this man can cause you to be inspired. Another example: Imagine that every evening on your walk home you pass a dance studio and you see a mature couple dancing in each other’s arms. They gracefully glide throughout the kind of steps they have danced probably a million times before. However, they still show the same fashion and pleasure they experienced in their younger years when they first met. Seeing this scene could only inspire you with your very own creativity because you could be one of those people who never lost their inspiration.

To be sure, motivation is an internal drive to do or create some kind of expression of your inner self. Others, can stop by and see your work or can pass without any interest whatsoever. You can never tell whether or not you have inspired others to allow their motivation factor to awaken and push the individual towards creativity.

You can create something unusual. It only takes the intent to create something of yourself that others can see. I would encourage you to take those moments during the day to see those things that are motivators in your life. Once seen, act upon them so that your creative self can be seen by everyone around you. I wonder what you could create if you unleashed this inner source of power? You could become an inspiration to others by merely allowing your creative self to be seen by others. Imagine yourself being that person sitting in front of the coffee shop enabling your creative self to be seen by everyone.

Coffee House Worker
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