Our Contributors

Listen2whispers.com is a website that strives to provide the hightest quality information, meditations, inspirational videos, and more. In keeping with this Dr. Bissell has chosen contributors on the basis of the quality work they provide and the knowledge of who they are and the honesty and integrity in their presentations.

Each contributor comes to you with established careers in personal and spiritual growth. Each are leaders in their fields, present materials that will help you grow to your maximum and to understand answers to questions from you our most treasured gifts.

Kyle Mercer



I believe that life is precious – it must be well cared for and well lived. Instead of “getting through life,” we should unlock our possibilities to fully express the gifts inside us.

But how can we unlock our possibilities if we’re always bumping into obstacles?

Each obstacle can be a doorway to understanding your fundamental truth – your inner knowing. If you’re stuck in a negative emotion – stress, anxiety, worry – how can you be happy? How can you be effective as a leader, spouse, or parent?

The more you use the obstacles in life to grow and develop yourself, the more fulfilled and effective you can be as a human being. Through the Inquiry Method, you can discover a flow and ease to life.

If you’re in pain, you’re ready.

Are you wrestling with an obstacle or issue in your life? Perhaps your career or relationship with your business partner, board, employees, spouse, or kids? If you are frustrated, stuck, uncertain, unhappy or unfulfilled, you are being sent a message – AN INVITATION TO CHANGE.

By applying Inquiry Method, we’ll directly address obstacles and issues. You’ll gain insight and understanding, a true and lasting empowerment. You enjoy an abundant, more successful engagement with life as a whole – personally and professionally. Life flows more easily. Life simply works better.

It’s an amazing journey – an adventure! But it’s not a quick fix.

I love working with people who commit to refining their life. People with an entrepreneurial spirit who have initiative, are willing to risk to create something better, who have a yearning for or have already achieved some measure of success, personally and/or professionally. People who recognize they can achieve new levels of professional and personal success – based on what they really want – by receiving help and support from a mentor and coach.

sig_sm  To learn more about Kyle’s work goto: inquirymethod.com

Jonas Ellison

Jonas Ellison – Jonas is an exceptional writer, entrpeneur, and student in Divinity school. His writings are down to earth, perfectly tuned in to our world yet with a very spiritual message. His writing is easy to understand and motivates the reader to grow and to overcome obstacles that life may present to them. To fully understand the depth and the extent of his writings you must experience them personally. In his own words:

Professionally, I’m a writer.  Passionately, I’m a studying interfaith minister-in-training. I employ both sides of my life to provide support and insight to real people.

When I say, ‘real people,’ I’m talking about those who aren’t interested in spiritual elitism, glorified poverty, or an other-worldly way of living. They don’t have all day to spend in a yoga studio because they’re doing life. Many of them are in creative fields (but all of them are creative at heart).

See, I used to think spirituality had to do with fleeting, evanescent, ephemeral stuff. I saw it as a form of escape, whether it was with knees digging into a pew or sitting on top of a cushion.

However, the further I follow this path, the more I come down from those clouds…

I see now that spirituality is about the dirt, the bones, the blood, the food, and the sweat.

Spirituality is about good business, date nights, amazing workouts, and getting that last hole in before the sun goes down.

It’s about ear infections and crying babies.

It’s about shaking hands, making amends, and those awkward Thanksgiving dinners.

It’s about eating, drinking, and being merry.

It’s about our politics, our agreements, and the way we direct our feet and heart through this physical life.

Spirituality isn’t about the afterlife.  It’s about how we engage with this life.

This whole thing is a temple. Pew and cushion are included, but they seem to merely be the starting point.

My most important body of work lives on my daily blog, Higher Thoughts, the largest single-author publication on Medium with a growing audience of 70,000 subscribers.

You can also find my words at Huffington Post, New York Observer, Thought Catalog, The Mission, Daily Dot, Fizzle, No Sidebar, and more.

These days, my wife and I live in Chicago, IL with our perfectly-behaved 4-year-old daughter and impeccably-trained terrier mutt, Dagny (okay, maybe I’m embellishing a little there). You can often find us drinking too much espresso while trying to take over the world from our home office.

If you’re down for reading deeper into my story (and have a few minutes to spare), read on. I’ll give it to you in a couple bite-sized chunks…

The writing/marketing part…

I love to write. It’s in my DNA. I write a lot of stuff. But professionally speaking, my history has ben as a copywriter and content marketing… guy.

I started as a free agent copywriter back in 2010. After a few years of freelancing, I went on to become the Chief Content Officer at an award-winning digital marketing agency in Reno, NV. I’ve worked with many brands and businesses, some of which you’ve heard of and many of which you haven’t. Today, although my main client is myself, I do take on select clients who are looking to embrace their weirdness, express their unique voice, and write bolder content that shows big results.

Jonas       To learn more of Jonas work goto: jonasellison.com

Sheila StHilaire

Welcome Sheila StHilaire as a contributor to this website. Sheila is a Sacred Sound channel. She brings forth the ancient sounds of the Universe infused with the profound vibrations of her crystal and Tibetan bowls, awakening your heart and soul to divine love.

Her channeled music penetrates all old scars and wounds and focuses on your inner soul. This “Soul Space” is where healing takes place. As you listen to her bowls singing an etherial sequence of melodic tones you are taken on a self guided journey into eternity. This was my experience, I sure your’s will be as profound.

Each of us is different in our response to any form of healing, however, the tones and sounds from eternity only help to flow by any roadblocks. you may find. Trust, have faith, and enjoy the journey into Light..

I’d like to thank Sheila for sharing her talents with us on listen2whispers.com.

You are invited to join Sheila on the Meditation Page for the experience of etherial beauty.

Sheila .  To learn more of Sheila’s work she can be reached at (207) 229-2298


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