Finding Source in the Moment

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Living in the moment is a broad phrase, and almost every individual would like to be living in this moment if asked. And there will be nothing wrong about stating the issue since people are living in this moment physically. That’s an unavoidable law of nature. Nevertheless, living in the moment is merely an unalterable feature of our physical body. When we change our perspective on the physical level to the psychological level things, start to change entirely, in a very intriguing way. Although we’re living physically in this moment most of our ideas revolve around the past or the future.

The thought of a young individual will undoubtedly be centered on the events which will take place soon regardless of if these are events in the next minutes or situations which lie many years later on. The elder, however, might have led their focus on previous scenarios with their ideas revolving around the things that have already occurred. The boundary between the past and the near future is almost non-existent and may be depicted using a thin line at the middle of two infinite levels. The line signifies this very minute the here and the now reality.

The Bounds of the past and future are continuously shifting and with them shifts the present. Is not the thought you have at this very minute bygone a second later? Now, that is something to think about.

The title of this article wasn’t named “thoughts in the minute is the key to happiness.” I intentionally avoided the words thoughts, thinking and other similar connotations. I did this because it is not possible for us to think at the minute level. This very minute can be seen, experienced and felt, but we can’t think about it, our thoughts just can’t revolve around the present.

Whenever we start thinking our ideas get influenced by past experiences, mindsets, attitudes, and values. In other words, things which are affected by the events we experienced in the past. Thinking is like going to a fantasy, a virtual reality that’s not existent in this very minute our ideas don’t exist on a physical level. The past and the future can’t be touched or seen, we can’t experience them. We are not able to feel what occurred at the moment, we only can imagine these virtual realities within our minds. The present is something you can experience, feel and see. As the present moment actually occurs, it isn’t merely a part of imagined thoughts, hopes or fears.

SUMMARY: The past and the near future only exist within your ideas – Reality is what you experience in this very minute – Your mind and thoughts aren’t part of the present. They are imagined moments conjured up by past experiences or future dreams.


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