Purpose. Have you ever given any thought to what your life’s purpose is? I’m not talking about your occupation or another external identity. I’m talking about something deep within your being that creates a passion so immense that you and it are the same. You see, you were put here on this Earth for a purpose, a reason, and that purpose/reason is more significant than any other source of identity.

Think about this for a few moments in meditation. What comes through requires your commitment to the discovery. Once found, I must tell you honestly your life will change forever because that passion/discovery will be the hallmark of your life. It will signal to all you meet that you have a steady rudder, are confident, and trustworthy. Why? Because a person who has discovered their reason for being will be pro-active and create a vision that will instantly be noticed by everyone they meet.

Take the time to find and live your purpose and watch how that one “beacon” will draw others to you and change the trajectory of your life.