#3 Reflections: Mirrors of Light


Reflections: Mirrors of Light

Reflections is a book that takes you beyond the physical into the spiritual realm where the author meets his greatest fears and discovers his greatest love. If you ever walked through a hall of mirrors found in most amusement parks you will understand the variety of entrances and exits that one can find. Throughout the chapters you are takenReflections jpg_j beyond the reflection seen in the physical world. As you are taken beneath the surface of mirrors you uncover how worlds can change by simply experiencing life from a different perspective. By learning about the spiritual world around you, you will become the glow of the universe.

Reflections is a heartfelt guide to embracing spiritual growth and profound life change. With the gentle guidance of the Light, Reflections takes you o a journey of wisdom and experience beyond the mirrors of our day-toi-day “reality’ and into the deeper loving nature of our spiritual universe.

This quiet inner journey reveals our purpose, our direction, and our potential. Use this book to see, clearly and beautifully, our relationship with our soul. Use it to empower yourself in your own journey. Use it to change your life.

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