Sheila StHilaire

Welcome Sheila StHilaire as a contributor to this website. Sheila is a Sacred Sound channel. She brings forth the ancient sounds of the Universe infused with the profound vibrations of her crystal and Tibetan bowls, awakening your heart and soul to divine love.

Her channeled music penetrates all old scars and wounds and focuses on your inner soul. This “Soul Space” is where healing takes place. As you listen to her bowls singing an etherial sequence of melodic tones you are taken on a self guided journey into eternity. This was my experience, I sure your’s will be as profound.

Each of us is different in our response to any form of healing, however, the tones and sounds from eternity only help to flow by any roadblocks. you may find. Trust, have faith, and enjoy the journey into Light..

I’d like to thank Sheila for sharing her talents with us on You are invited to join Sheila on the Meditation Page for the experience of etherial beauty.