Six Books: A Roadmap from “Awakening” to “Living a Spiritual Life”

Souls Of Light

First In An Extraordinary Series Of Spiritual Works That Can Change Lives.

The first step in the spiritual journey is to understand and absorb the essential qualities and values that make up the spiritual journal. Each quality or essential is explained in detail. Each chapter is followed by a series of questions the reader needs to answer to assure the understanding and reasoning behind each one.

Souls of Light” gives the reader these essentials and qualities in detail. Written in more of a textbook style, this book condenses in one volume information that would take years of study and experience. From the inner journey with its needs and qualities followed by a detailed explanations of each the reader will understand why it is necessary to begin the spiritual journey by changing their inner thoughts, desires, essentials, and qualities. It is necessary to address the inner world of spiritual seeker before moving to the outside world. Without the necessary “housework” of removing negative and misleading qualities from the mind, the seeker will not find success in their spiritual journey. Every step in the spiritual journey will refer back to the basic qualities found in this book. Reading it and absorbing its wisdom is the first step in the journey we all seek to follow.


“Souls of Light” is the beginners guide to living a spiritual life. The beauty of this book is the specificity and explanations given for each essential and quality. Not just for beginners but for all who travel the pathway. Without “Souls of Light” the seeker is blind to the pathway they follow. It is an essential for anyone following the spiritual journey.

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““Souls of Light is the most readable and thought-provoking work by Ron Bissell. It is filled with wisdom and insights. He gently leads us to path the relationships with our soul and invites us to discover our relationships with our soul. Inspiring!”

— Teresa W.

“Empowering! Souls of Light opened my eyes to where I am and where I could be. It helped me to discuss self and have a better understanding of others. My life has been enriched by reading it. I recommend it!

Available at ”

— Wanda P.

Souls of Light is available at

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