Spiritual Meditations

    7 Soul Space Meditations

“The Soul Space Meditations” consist of seven individual audio meditations of spiritual poetry narrated by Dr. Ronald Bissell, original music by A T McHugh, and recorded  at the studios of Harold Chamberlain. This series of meditations was a labor of love by three individuals who all invested large amounts of time to make it possible. This is a unique audio recording in that the narrated script was received by Dr. Bissell during meditation sessions while the music was channeled by a extremely talented musician. Within a couple of weeks from the original idea, everyone involved came together and for over one year worked on this project until completed. We are very pleased to present this series at no charge to all willing to listen. Within the words of the narration you will find a vast amount of information while the music will carry you to new spiritual heights. Repeated listening to various sections will bring about an extensive knowledge base which you can use in your daily life.

As with any meditative audio presentation we ask that you not listen to this recording while driving a car or operating any type of dangerous machinery.


From Body, Mind, Spirit Magazine:

“The Soul Space” by Dr. Ronald Bissell. What could be more important or more exciting than experiencing a transformation in your life? Find answers to life’s questions and direction. This 100 minute audio cassette will take you towards the realization of your desired tomorrow. The perfect gift for yourself or friends. Social space is a  “when you begin to listen to the voice within the soul space your world will appreciably change. The world will alter in the direction of the godly and will begin to alter your path, listen and begin your transformation the soul space as wisdom and music from the soul bcause the wisdom of the music from the soul “experience movement and from which you are able to communicate with your Creator.” It was 100 minute audio cassette, original music and narration gently allows the listener to connect with their inner voice and begin to know the nature of your soul. Come – listen – begin your personal transformation.

From Listeners:

“Relaxing, thought-provoking, and enlightening”.   ( L. D. Buxton, Maine)

“Delicate, sensitive, and inspiring… I loved it”.   ( S. O. Reno, Nevada)

“I enjoyed every moment… I wish it didn’t end.”   ( W. P. Saco, Maine)

“It made me think of questions I needed to answer.    (L. B. Russell, KY)

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