The American Southwest (Part 1)



Sometimes it takes something extraordinary to see the wonder of nature’s beautiful works. Our country is especially given wonders beyond our comprehension. Imagine the amount of time and power nature took to create the wonders seen in our nation’s southwest. Our immediate gratification world is in conflict with such time frames. Visiting such geologic time in person helps us overcome some of the conflict we see. This kind of time frame is easy to believe when seen, however, even those wonders pale in comparison to the time frame of the universe. Can you see eternity? Can you imagine where the molecules of our bodies were derived from or how many eons they were passed from one star system to the next?

It is impossible to envision such grandeur, such catastrophe kilns through which everything we see and know came from. But, what we can comprehend is what we did today or who we helped or lives we impacted each day. If we bring our attention to the now moment as taught by Eckhart Tolle and many others, we can make sense of our world. We can live important lives day after day. Our lives can have tremendous influences long after we return to eternal time. We can remove fear and anxiety from our lives and permit our short conscious awareness to provide deep meaning to the otherwise mystery of mysteries of which we find ourselves immersed.