The Meaning of Thanksgiving Day

To Ed F. Gibbons, Jr. The True Meaning of Thanksgiving Thanksgiving is a word of action. ~ To W.J. Cameron, Thanksgiving is a special day. Canada has a day of thanksgiving and that day happens on the second Monday in October. We think of Thanksgiving as falling multicolor leaves from trees that conjure up youthful memories of jumping into piles of raked leaves. We also think of visiting with friends and family and watching Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade either in person or on tv. There are football games on television, memories of turkey dinners and people having to loosen their belts a notch or two. Thanksgiving Day takes place over a day of dinners, parades, football, and memories.
On Thanksgiving Day we are also reminded of the bounty of treasures that are a part of our lives. We spend a few minutes to give thanks for our friends and the bounty of goodness found in all of our lives and family.  The meaning of Thanksgiving should not end after having a few moments of meditation or prayer. Thanksgiving’s Holiday has significance. Thanksgiving can be a call to action. Throughout the Holiday of Thanksgiving, we are reminded to give thanks and also to share and give to others. The Holiday reminds us to discuss our time and talents and to share our wealth.
On this Thanksgiving Day take a moment and reflect on what you can do in the following year to fully express the significance of Thanksgiving. Is it possible to free up one hour every week in order to give that time to someone in need? What kindness could one do during that time? The giving of time and talent acknowledges the abundance found in life. As everyone gathers for this year’s Thanksgiving dinner, invest a few moments giving thanks in remembrance of those who planted the seeds for all we share this day. These personal gifts will bring into wholeness the true meaning of Thanksgiving Day.