The Pathway Within

Spring is my favorite time of year with all the new growth sprouting here and there. It’s a time of regrowth and rebirth and a time to consider the summer that is to fol- low. Living in the NorthEast has its pluses and minuses. We do get a lot of snow at times but the changes in Seasons is just the boost we need, and it happens five times a year. It is always the same: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, Mud Season. The sequence is always the same. Year after year after millennium.

When I was young, I can remember the seasons and all the fun I had with my brothers and sister. The seasons then were just inconvenient. Now that I am older, I have an opportunity to sit back and breathe in the incredible spectacle nature puts on each season of every year. It’s like it was all laid out on a table and planned on purpose.

Yes, life has its seasons too. Spring is for newborns while summer is all those work- ing years with accomplishment and success. Those are the “wonder” years when you are learning and growing, working and saving. When you plan your life and then work the plan, you find the day you committed to the tasks was the day they became completed. Does that sound familiar?

Life to me is a continuum of seasons; Birth, adoles- cence, adulthood, and senior citizen. It’s always in the same order. You can scream and moan or even become depressed but the seasons never change. They always follow the same pattern and give to those aware a completed path.

I would like to ask you few questions: How is your path? Is it going as expected or as planned? Did you plan your life or did it just happen? This planning of your life is where spiritual and personal growth come into the picture. Both are incredibly important to who you are but also to the satisfaction you will receive as you push through the different stages. Living a spiritual life gives you a path to follow.

Once you begin to travel a spiritual path, you will discover what is important in your life. You will find an absolute peace within and will not be depressed by the world around you. You will become assured that your life will make a difference, and you can teach others from your experience about love, gentleness, kindness, and peace.

What else could you ask for in life than to be a conduit for the Love and Joy of being alive? Once you begin walking the spiritual path your life plan will be complete. Keep an eye on the road, work the plan, and enjoy the life gift given to you with love

Dr. Ronald Bissell