Twenty-six Guideposts for a Fulfilled Life

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Twenty-six Guideposts that Change Lives

“Guide me; O Lord;  in all the changes and varieties of this world; that in all things that shall happen; I may have an evenness and tranquility of spirit;  that my soul may be wholly resigned to thy divine will and pleasure.”        

-Jeremy Taylor

Life is an interesting series of events. You awake each day as if each day is separate from all others. You fail to see the continuity that life presents and forget how days are linked together to form a chain of events that form a whole. You forget as you see relationships melt into the cornucopia of life and see them become smeared against a backdrop of events, times and places. You forget the universal truths that cause life to be full and prevents the descent into a lake of mixed emotions, carried baggage and forgotten paths. What is needed is to see each day as it is; continuous, moldable, and interconnected. You need to remember how our paths intersect and interrelate. You need to see how love is the glue that transcends the material world you see.

As you awaken each day, take a moment to connect and to align your world with the world of Spirit. In doing this, you will find a spark of Light enter your world and create that bridge to the universe that allows love to flourish amid the turmoil you see. Awaken to this news and see small changes occur in your life. See your priorities of people, places and material goods become forever altered and rearranged. See their arrangement become your new fabric of life.

Understand this day by learning to see the events about you in their entirety.Do not block out anything you see. Worry not, for in worry2 you will find the seeds of sadness.  Become sure your path and knowledgeable in this Spirit’s way; for in this knowledge you will experience the life you lead.

In learning and understanding your path, there are guideposts that must be followed. There are lessons to be learned, ideals to understand and believe in life values to incorporate into your life. They are the things you need to carve deep within your soul. They are the things that permit growth and release that healing salve of needed each day. How many people feel to incorporate these guideposts into their lives? How many close their minds to their content? Take a moment and listen to some of these guideposts and feel the effect each has on your soul. 

1.Begin today to listen to Your Inner Voice.

When you listen to your inner voice you center your mind and to use a centered   position to live your life. You are able to fashion your life around the lessons  here and will be able to quietly instill these words into your life’s essence and thus into the world around you.

2. Begin today to see others for the joy they are.

You are only able to see and to     understand the qualities that others show that are a reflection of those qualities  present within your own life. These qualities are understood instinctively and form the roots of your personality. By seeing the joy present in others, you will begin to see and understand the joy present

within your life.

3.Remember to seek, for you will find the only avenue you can pursue open before you.

Your path in life continually surrounds you and is seen once you begin to search; to seek its presence in your life. Many people feel that their path is unknown and is impossible to ascertain. The reality of life shows to all who are willing to see the true path in life opens before you once you begin the action of seeking its presence.

4. Pursue your life with love and see joy open up to you.

Love is the glue of the universe and is the map that provides the direction that allows the true joy in your life to be seen. Pursuing your life’s path with the energy of love allows the universe to unfold its secrets and to allow these secrets to show you the way to uncover the joy present in every event you see.

5. Remain steady in your course through life and know that if you continue to search all things you seek will be given to you.

It is the consistency of purpose and thought that provides the energy to fuel the search you take through life. Learn to be consistent, purposeful and steady in the direction of your path and you will see the result of your quest occur.

6. Become just, become joy, become peace and all the things you wish. Learn from them and know the goodness without and within.

Too many people live their lives without ever knowing the true value of their experience. They fail to see the ultimate qualities that life can provide. Begin to see the values present in your life and learn from them. In doing this, you will not miss the wonder present within it.

7. Walk and gentleness and see the Spirit’s love surround you today.

It is the quiet and gentle moments that permit you to hear, receive and to understand the Spirit’s love in your life. By centering your life within this love and allowing it to surround you, you will feel and experience all that is possible in your life. Walk within this gentleness and see your dreams come true.

8. Surround your self with those who will allow you to become your greatest.

This provides the means to the fulfillment of your life’s goals. You will see your energy grow and will see your world expand in the direction of the Spirit’s love. Expansion in this direction creates an ever- widening circle of love and thus changes the fabric of your world. Surround your self with those who will allow you to become your greatest and find the Spirit’s encouragement encompass you.

9. Know that the entire universe supports you in your life and ambitions.

Under each event; each moment of your life you will find the energy of the universe. Within this energy you will find a potential that lies dormant and is the source of the power that causes growth in your world. You will find interconnections with others when needed and will see all the encouragement needed to fulfill your potential life. Feel this energy and understand its importance in your life and in the growth of your being.

10. Become sure of the direction of your growth and see how it provides guidance and substance to the lives of others.

You provide physical evidence by the life you lead of the true direction of your life. You influence everyone you meet and provide teaching experiences each day you live. Understand how much you affect others lives and how you can begin to change their world. Doing this, helps you see value in substance in your journey.

11. Surround your self with love.

Create a bubble of love that surrounds you fully. Allow this bubble to touch others lives and create an interconnection. Such a connection is possible if you allow it to occur and move you forward at a greater speed. You will be able to hear others words, understand their story and become a partner in the enlightenment of their world.

12. Become an originator in the quest to explore the possibilities of love and see the entire universe open up before you.

Allow your life to be the creative spirit in the quest for love’s possibilities. Allow these possibilities to influence your life and permit you to open your mind and eyes to the universe of love that surrounds you.

13. Witness the richness that only Spirit can provide to your life and see the changes you perceive as real.

The effects of the Spirit in your life reaches across all boundaries and barriers. They encompass not only the physical substance of your being but also transcend the invisible remains of time. They influence your daily walk and create a real metamorphosis of belief resulting in a vast rich tapestry of change that affects all you touch.

14. Know the beauty that is possible from life.

Listen, see and feel the beauty of life as it surround you. Begin to hold dear each morsel of time that is given to you and understand its value. Understand that each moment contains the diversity of experiences that only life can provide. Look at the sum of each endeavor In your life and visualize how each fits to create a mosaic of love.

15. Forgive all who hate and distrust you.

Leave behind all the feelings that separate you from each other. Leave them and begin to walk your journey within the cocoon of love. Doing this provides a quiet center from which you can live your life. It creates a central awakening that reverberates toward all you meet the fact that love grows within your soul. Such feelings create a magnetic field that attracts love and in turn attracts those things in life that permit the expansion of your world.

16. Forgive all who are without the means to provide an honest appraisal of your life and situation.

It is impossible for some to understand your walk through life. They do not understand your path and at

times create havoc in your life. Allow them to learn from your journey of love. Allow them to witness

through your life the way Spirit enters and in turn influence their lives forever.

17. Become a person who can live without disharmony within your life.

Disharmony creates separation and separation creates the room for fear, anger and distrust in life. Living without disharmony creates a central purpose in life; a place of quiet from which peace abounds and love emanates.

18. Learn to search your self for any signs of hatred and fear.

Search carefully for you will find joy if you eliminate all the hostility within. By removing hostility from your life, you will create a peaceful world and in turn pass such peace on to others. How else can you create a world of peace unless you begin that world within?

19. Work to salvage each moment in peace and create a world of peace.

Imagine each waking moment being a moment of peace. Imagine each moment begins a moment of joy. Would this change your world? Could you create a vessel that holds love? Work to see peace and joy magnify itself in each action you perform. Doing this will enhance your world.

20. Learn to see the beauty of your soul each action and transaction of your life.

Once you do, you will have done much to change your world. You will have started a revolution in thought and will benefit tremendously from the new life you will form. Others will see your beauty and emulate that beauty within their lives. They will see ways appear that will prevent the deterioration of their love and will begin to transform their love into a love complete.

21. Use your life to be a witness and a source of joy for others.

Become the anchor to which others will attach their lives. Be the source from which life’s many riches are seen to flow. Become complete in your mastery of love and see joy surround your world. This is the manner in which life should be lived and is the means that all joy will occur in your world.

22. Listen carefully for the news within.

This is where all love is found and is the location of the seat of creation. It is the learning place from which you will discover all the tools necessary to carry forth with a life that is unlimited, complete, spiritual and full of beauty.

23. Seek the territory of openness and forgive all who offend you.

Leave the feelings of hate, distrust and close-mindedness behind. Seek the open fields that only love can give. Seek them with a passion and make them a part of your world. Doing this, expands your horizons, enlarges your thoughts and brings closeness to all you touch.

24. Learn the topics that will express your love to others.

Use them to create a teaching environment for each of you are teachers to the other. You each have the ability to show others the ability inherent within the human species for compassion and forgiveness. Express these abilities to others and share the wonder that they will bring to your world.

25. Tolerate all you see in others and know that they are attempting in their own way to accomplish their life’s goals.

We each take a different track within life to express and to learn. Be tolerant of the path that others take and realize how valuable their experience is to your life. See them as teachers and allow what they have to teach to be seen. Incorporate these teachings into your life and create a world designed and created within.

26. Seek on a different plane.

Leave the physical plane and seek your treasures on a higher plane of the universe. Doing this will result in tremendous growth, opportunities to develop and allow joy to become the mark of your life. You will discover that all you desire is found on the spiritual plane and is in full view of those who seek its presence in their lives.

Use these qualities to change your world.

Listen to the guideposts that are provided in your life and grow in unlimited amounts. Grow with purpose and desire for in these qualities you will find the value of life and the reason for your existence on this plane. Your life is the summation of all the values, desires, and purposes that you bring into the consciousness of your world. Work to allow them to surface in order to provide completeness and to expose them to the worlds of others. The results you will find is the transformation of form and integration of loves and the opening of each other’s world to the enrichment of each other’s experience.

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