#4 Unity: Life’s Essence

Unity – Life’s Essence is Inspirational, educational, and a paradigm changing book

Unity is a book about connections. Connections between people but also connections between all of God’s creation. A Gentle walk along the beach leads the author to understand deep within his soul the wisdom contained in the most inanimate objects. Imagine the history contained in a piece of driftwood, the eons of time it took a rock to turn into a small stone. Rub your thumb  across the surface of a rock and realize you have taken off that rock not just dirt and dust but fragments of history that could have taken hundreds of thousands of years to create. Through eruptions deep within the earth to the shoreline along beaches and lakes history was recorded and by holding that object in your hand you can sense that history and realize how insignificant your problems, worries, and anxieties are when compared to the history in a small pebble.

Unity is a oneness with not only our earth and each other but also the Oneness we have with our Creator regardless of religion, creed, or faith. Deep within us we have an urge to connect with our Source in ways that rekindles that Unity. As separate beings we have many opportunities to unite but few take that leap needed to overcome the obstacles and hurdles this world places upon the seeker. Imagine if you could remove all those obstacles in a single moment or gesture. What would you life be like? How would it change your connections and create a new being?

Unity give you those clues you have always sought. I allows you to experience what is seen beyond the veil of the physical and how that wisdom can alter and change your perception of who you are and who those around you are affected by your being.

Unity is full of knowledge, full of feelings, full of exceptional value to those seeking the spiritual path. It is a must read for those on the journey or for those who are beginning the greatest journey of their lives. May your journey give you the peace your desire.

From an enlightened surgeon comes a book that transcends the bounds of our present level of understanding of the interconnectedness of creation. In Unity: Life’s Essence Dr. Bissell opens our eyes to the real nature of our universe. Through this book you are taken on a journey beyond your conscious awareness into a deeper understanding of the reality of your spiritual essence.

Through the pages of Unity you encounter what lies beyond the “reality” of the physical world. You enter a connected universe where boundaries between all forms of matter disintegrate into a cohesive whole. You are led to understand how each form of matter intertwines with the next to form a world that is completely integrated. A new matrix is formed where you can experience how the various energy patterns of matter communicate with each other to create a universe of understanding.

In Unity: Life’s Essence this interconnectedness becomes clear and you become aware of the subtle patterns that surround you. It is within these patterns that you can see the essence of life and experience a new awakening that will change the direction and meaning of your life. As you take this special walk you will enter the spiritual world of Unity. This entry will be very natural and will leave you awestruck at the discoveries you make. As you discover the illusion of this physical world and the truth that lies around you

Through the pages of Unity: Life’s Essence you will be taken on a solitary walk along a beach where you will experience the quiet observation of creatures and the rhythms of nature seen along the way. Through this walk you will find the unity found in all of creation. Like the sandpiper’s dance with the waves, you will gently discover the essence of your soul in the beauty and harmony of Spirit as it surrounds you. Through this quiet contemplation you will feel a sense of awe at the potential within each living creature – the potential to bring the experience of unity into the consciousness of our world.