What makes Silent Whispers so special?

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Silent Whispers is a very rare site that is filled with wisdom and information about living a lifestyle in keeping with spiritual principles and ideals. This site is not interested in changing your minds or in indoctrinating you into some mysterious order. It is purely designed to inform you of a way of life change written by a man who witnessed total loss to find a new life.

Silent Whispers strives to give you articles, books, workshops and other content that will inspire you to take that leap into the unknown when such change is necessary. It will give you the tools to grow personally and spiritually and aid you in your quest for a new life full of all the potential you wish to achieve.

You will also find contributors who can provide tools, stories, examples and stepping stones to your new tomorrow. The site is an original concept by Dr. Ronald Bissell who transcribed vast amounts of spiritual information during meditative sessions over decades of his life.  He felt deep within his soul the need to give this information to those who wish to lead a different life. Through many trials, illnesses, and loss of his surgical practice due to a neuromuscular disease he re-built his life from total loss to sponsor this website and provide the information he learned over 45 years of his life to those seeking life change.

For those seeking answers, to those with questions, and those who are eager to learn, they will find what they’re looking for here in listen2whispers.com. It is a site fashioned by tens of thousands of patient interactions before during and after traumatic injuries that changed lives. It was the knowledge of over 32 years of surgical practice, and the wisdom from spirit guides that led to a deep understanding of following his spiritual path to find not only answers but to discover a deep faith and purpose. Listen2whispers is a distillation of those years and the pathway to a new life.

Dr. Bissell asks you to spend time here, learn what you need, and then move into a space where the Spirit dwells to create a better life, a life full of love, inner peace, and deep value. Come back often, join us in the quest to change lives by learning, teaching and becoming all that you possibly can achieve. The ability to achieve all that is possible in your life is found within. Let us help you find that Source of unlimited potential.